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Used cars also cost the life of the car higher maturity

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Used car experts advise consumers: only by understanding the different models in their life, period features, in order to better choose your favorite second-hand car. 1 year: puberty Transfer vehicle in good care Vehicle in such a used car is basically no problem, but also can continue to enjoy the car dealer's warranty. 2-3 years: maturity Higher cost of good condition The age of the vehicle used car has had a run-in period, is at its peak. As long as routine maintenance, basically the "health" is not a problem. However, if the vehicle is used more frequently, depending on the situation by changing Accessories. 4-6 years: middle age Maintenance of lower prices needs to be carefully Second-hand car this age need only reasonable, timely maintenance, the performance will not inferior to a new car. Car to the middle-aged, usually there will be loosening some accessories, including a variety of rubber hose inside the car, the car cover at the end At some of the spare parts, pay attention to maintenance. 7-10 years: old age Vehicle condition poor to buy carefully By this time the majority of second-hand car is already old. Even relatively durable European cars and American cars, but also to patch age. And accessories to purchase the more difficult.
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