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Day of comparative east wind of strange luck A1 is produced black horse power

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Come from own brandStrange luckA1 and the east wind that come from joint-stock brandDay is producedBlack horse power, these two come from the new product of different a group of people of same interest, have on the characteristic why be is likeness nodded and distinguished?

Car picture Car picture

Strange luck A1 andEast wind day is producedBlack horse power

Say these two firstCarsimilar point:

Appearance space: "A bit old car " Vs. "Large car "

What is to suit to be with material benefit the first appeal to the car that try advocate chooses model? The car wants little place to go to the lavatory to still can save oil, but want again enough can hold person camel money greatly, anyhow is to should be in the price as far as possible below low circumstance, strive for accomplish each respect to compare satisfaction. Although cannot want Ma Er to run to want Ma Er not to browse again already,the truth inside this is, but making Ma Er little take a place still is possible. Now, those who want Maijirui " Ma Er " need to cost value only 50 thousand of the left and right sides " commissariat " , East wind day is producedneed 90 thousand, cost limitation, the degree that everybody grows also differred:

Car picture

Strange luck A1, although small also not be very small: Automobile body dimension achieved 3700 / 1578 / 1527mm, wheelbase is 2390mm, compared withStrange luck QQThe appearance 3550/1495/1485mm of 3, wheelbase 2340mm, had bigger promotion, compare QQ3 on the whole a few more practical. The 50mm wheelbase that increases especially, hopeful enlarges the space inside its car further, contented client is right the more demand of the space inside the car.

Car picture

East wind day is produced black horse power, be a model " big " car: Black horse power it is quantity of car big abdomen apparently, dimension of its automobile body is 3990/1690/1535mm, in with with level (price) of the car in be being compared, fall none ahull, basically achieved industry custom to call A0 class the upper limit of the car. And more admirable is, this car offerred the wheelbase of 2600mm unexpectedly! Pardonable manufacturer alleges black horse power the space that can provide 8000 litres, because,this is black horse power with ease of Note, fine horse,
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