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National traveling by car used car warranty can not be ignored

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With economic development, the car became a means of transport for each family. With the arrival of autumn in October, many car owners, the Friends intend to drive the National Day golden week driving, while traveling by car then do not forget to love Good car maintenance. Cool Cars, editor below to share for everyone to do car maintenance guide for people traveling by car reference. Engine: cleaning attention to the electrical part of the waterproofing treatment. If you require a higher electrical part of the water, they should avoid using high-pressure, high temperature of the water gun to flush the engine, you can brush dip cleaning agent used to launch Machine appearance. Three oil filter: air filter with compressed air blow off the dust; timely replacement of fuel filter and clean the filter pipe joints; change oil and oil filter. China-made cars should be washed for crude oil filter, Fuel pre-filter and centrifugal fine filter. Battery: Check battery terminals have some corrosion phenomenon, rinse with hot water outside the battery, remove the battery terminal corrosion. Adjust battery electrolyte specific gravity measurements. Coolant: some of the more partial to the area, the temperature is low, so to consider. Check to add coolant and clean water tank appearance. Wheel Tire: Check the tire wear, tire implementation of transposition. Check wheels, bearing preload and, if the gap should be adjusted to preload degrees.
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