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Is the meeting that rent a car hired come the trouble of a suit?

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Is the meeting that rent a car hired come the trouble of a suit?
If your hire the car that is not the regular corporation that rent, you may encounter the following problem and trouble:
1. does not have the standard contract that rent, cannot get law is protected. Economic dispute is much, complain without the door.
2. maintains a system without strict car. If be sure not to conserve, protect sufficient, piece finish sth tenant can dummy eats the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, oneself assume responsibility.
3. so private traffic, criterion operator and driver are an organic whole, because of its the job, life presses muscularity, car moves have bigger safe hidden trouble. And from capacity of staff of course of study complex, its manage action fugacious. Often be a center with ego, consider the client's feeling and requirement rarely, enter store intentionally, take sales commission, harm interest of the person that rent a car.

Although your hire the car that normal car hires a firm, but if you do not choose to compare seriously, also may encounter a trouble. If system of this business management is non-standard, diseased, from difference of quality of personnel of course of study, attitude of attending to guests is abominable, service level is low. Produce issue easily in the following respects: A. The contract that rent is non-standard, unidentified fine, generation difference is handled hard. B. Non-standard when connecting traffic, not clear, conceal car hidden danger intentionally, cause the passivity when the client returns a vehicle. C. Rate is unidentified, if collect fees overtime, exceed course of development to collect fees it is not clear to wait. Return Che Shire to add collect fee, feel be deceived.

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