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"Super car " thunder You Xia returns next year!

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Like a car whether do you still remember, once one can be in in travel process the capriole of rise high into the air, artificial intelligence car that checks a heil of bullets, speed to cross F1 quickly. Be right! It is once Chi Zha temporarily " thunder You Xia " . The intelligent system that magical function and high human nature change makes us remember profundity really. Recently, the message says, NBC TV station of the United States is intended will this " super car " move screen again.

In those days thunder You Xia is racing bike of gram of a Pang Di, in its name K.I.T.T in the film. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) , predicting the new car that meets at the audience this to still be met is the model that Pang Di overcomes. It is reported, NBC will roll out a TV program of 2 hours above all in next year spring, accept decision of inspected stand or fall in the basis next, succeed section purpose rolls out calendar.

Be out of shape after King Kong, everybody is ignited again to the enthusiasm of car film. Make us collective expect the thunder You Xia of new fund!

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