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The solemn funeral that the world anecdote gives farad love a car advantage (gra

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On March 26, 2007, in American California, famous comedian Eddy. Griffin made to play game of a whip-round traffic accident goes out when training, he bumps into Enzo of benefit of a farad to cement segregation belt. Car at once crack up, outside crossing him himself to climb dispatch a vehicle immediately, hair nondestructive, it is the dismay of one face only, because of this value the super racing bike of 1.5 million dollar will cannot repair.

Eddy. Griffin breaks out crank, the decision shows the love car that is crashed by him, in order to show commemoration day. This morning (local time) in los angeles a theater (the ceremony was held before The Grauman Chinese Theater In Los Angeles) , whole atmosphere is a funeral completely. Had heard of what hold funeral for pet, hold funeral or never heard of before for a car! Although incident happens in Hollywood, but not be film absolutely, it is the real event in the life. Nevertheless, do not know this is comedy of a world or social tragedy?