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So that improve air quality,Beijing will restrict illicit home car

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According to the report, national finance will throw 2 billion yuan to undertake 3 cardinal principle fasten construction since this year, among them one of construction that are the environmental system that monitor. Chinese environment monitors the work that terminal area air monitors to be being started, the job such as configuration of position of program design, network, project already spread out stage by stage.

Beijing opens duty of the boat that collect a car

Object by most citizen

Recently, from Beijing " tax of executive car boat is temporary orders measure " since seeking an opinion, be evened more 9 object clearly into the netizen. For this, this city legal system does relevant controller to express, move the consideration quantity of low small platoon and royalities of autocycle car boat, among them duty of boat of the small car that discharge an amount falls likely to annual 300 yuan.

As we have learned, " Beijing is carried out < tax of boat of car of People's Republic of China is temporary byelaw > method (send go over a manuscript or draft) " duty of boat of vehicle of will small-sized car rises 200 yuan every year by every reach 480 yuan, mini bus every annual 360 yuan.

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