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Fund of deliverance of society of road transportation accident expects to come o

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China keeps watch when meeting belongings is sure to superintend Zun Jian of department head Guo 19 days to hand in strong danger to expend rate float and netizen to undertake online communicating in Chinese government net, express, establishing fund of deliverance of society of road transportation accident is system of a when make strong narrow pass important form a complete set, the meeting that keep watch is cooperating what the branch such as the Ministry of finance has relevant idea actively to make the work.

Guo Zun Jian says, promulgated in March 2006 according to the State Council " byelaw of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic " concerned regulation, the utility of fund of deliverance of society of road transportation accident basically has 3 sides: It is injury of occurrence person of road transportation accident, fall limit of strong danger liability more than when rescue cost, balance part by pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of deliverance fund go ahead of the rest. 2 it is motor vehicle was not cast protect those who make strong narrow pass, after sending make trouble reason, be opposite by deliverance fund rescue of victim pay for sb and expect to be repaid later and mortuary charge. 3 it is motor vehicle escape after cause trouble, to the person the injury also should have cost of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later by deliverance fund. Path minister fund has very strong commonweal sex, true system is with the person now this legislative spirit. "Idea of path minister fund can come out for certain, we hope to come out more quickly to had been jumped over. " he says.

And make strong narrow pass to what the netizen puts forward whether does limit of 60 thousand yuan of liability cross small issue, guo Zun Jian expresses, liability limit must develop safety of transportation of level, road with the national economy of this this country, phase consciousness of safety of liaison man of environment of state, traffic, people, economy supports ability photograph matchs. Make strong risk system from initial stage build perfect stage by stage have a such processes, the development trend in the future can be to keep the specified number only taller and taller, and cost rate is lower and lower. The experience that makes strong danger develop better country and area proved this, but this needs a course.

He says, keeping the specified number match with photograph of cost rate level, will protect the forehead to raise 1 million yuan, 5 million yuan OK also, but will cost rate level be what kind of, policy-holder can bear at present, with show level each field requirement and level join, these are the very complex cases that need integrated consideration. So, when system of strong to handing in risk undertakes perfecting, the meeting that keep watch wants importunate principle of a job is " manage lawfully, scientific and decision-making, listen to popular wishes, accord with national condition " .

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