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Seeking an opinion at present " float of rate of cost of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic is provisional method (draft) " caused intense discussion. Yesterday, be in financial those who hold in making activity of the interview on strong danger net, law of Chinese consumer society studies Chen Jian of department vice director expresses, reducing a requirement in what seek an opinion at present is more slashing.

Chen Jian expresses, because hand in the cost of strong danger to lead at present,basically be the concerned cost condition that offers according to insurance company, so of the basis is commerce 3 person the data that concerned in the past nearly will undertake deciding. Because of commerce 3 person danger and hand in strong danger to have bigger difference, so the legal foundation of the basis on their whole and its a few regulation are different, take this data to regard us as the word of the fundamental data that check and ratify makes strong narrow pass, may produce some kind of deviation.

Accordingly, "Float cost rate discusses below this premise, not be very appropriate. " Chen Jian expresses further, if whole price is reasonable, cost rate is reasonable certainly, undertaking adjustment on this foundation is feasible. If premise is not very scientific, so what you do everything other on this kind of degree, not be very convincing.

To seeking an opinion external at present " float of rate of cost of compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic is provisional method (draft) " , chen Jian thinks, the requirement that the cost rate that sets at present reduces is more slashing. May reduce without corresponding accident e.g. 3 years 30% , this catchs up with float photograph is compared, the requirement is stricter. Relax the degree of next float, be helpful for reflecting fair sex principle actually.

Nevertheless, be aimed at a few more current car advocate put forward, float is one kind coverts rise in price. University of central finance and economics is sure to learn to fasten director Hao to perform Professor Su to think, this view is incorrect. "Our have 3 requirements to rise: Bumping into red light, go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, wine hind to drive is a when may bring about tripartite to be harmed the mainest factor, be this to pay price is should. So fulfil money reward to doing not have those who produce an accident, execute the discount that certain expenses leads, this also is must

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