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Flat-fell seam shows special " food chain " car bug a car " gnaw " 10 thousand y

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Last week, the reporter will to two handcart market undertake dark visit, had not waited walk into the market inside, be blocked by a few people, ask a reporter otherwise wants to sell a car. As we have learned, the two handcart that these people are flat-fell seam " car bug " . Dark the reporter in visitting discovers " car bug " can go up from a car " black " piece hundreds of, on 1000 and even on 10 thousand yuan, a few cars that the story that ought not to stage so namely is in Beijing everyday almost trade happen on the market... this period reporter with respect to observe publicly and investigate privately in two handcart flat-fell seam " insect " , carry to the consumer that wants to buy two handcart wake.

Setting 1: Received deduct a percentage from a sum of money to still earn price difference

Controlled partly at 10 o'clock on May 11 morning, the reporter came in couplet is secondhand the car trades the market, outside the market the person that is in twos and threes asks the pedestrian of pass by in roadside otherwise wants to sell a car, by intuition, they should be the bug of two handcart car of flat-fell seam. In the courtyard of market of the couplet in be being entered, an eldest brother of company of broker of old motor vehicle thinks the reporter wants to sell a car, come up actively accost, chatting in the process, he exploded to the reporter a lot of makings, the dialog that is staff member of company of reporter and this broker below (reporter abbreviation is written down, classics of abbreviation of broker company staff member) .

Write down: Eldest brother, outside the market those are what people, they see the person asks with respect to accost sell do not sell a car.

Via: Oh, they ah, it is the car bug that vends two handcart.

Write down: How are they all round car market solicit trade, are they the staff members in car market?

Via: They are the personnel in the company that there is business charter normally in the courtyard far from, you see them can stop a car outside only, because they are not entered,come in the courtyard, because came in,also can be gone out by the security personnel drive out in the market.

Write down: What are they with the broker inside this the company has to concern then?

Via: These car bug stopped a car outside, can give an any prices inside the courtyard to be able to talk about the broker company that gets hold the car, broker company can give them certain deduct a percentage from a sum of money.

Write down: How does that deduct a percentage from a sum of money give?

Via: The price that broker company gives them is the class that receives two handcart with place, price of what about. General the 30 thousand car to 50 thousand yuan, can give these car bug 500 yuan of right-and-left deduct a percentage from a sum of money, 50 thousand yuan of cars to 100 thousand yuan can give them 1000 yuan of right-and-left deduct a percentage from a sum of money, the car of 100 thousand yuan of above, given deduct a percentage from a sum of money different, will always tell, the deduct a percentage from a sum of money that the class that is a car may give higher is faster, these deduct a percentage from a sum of money that give them are called in cant " dozen happy event " .
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