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Car of travel of auction of couplet of 7.26 Hangzhou beautiful auctions 〖 〗

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Couplet of 7.26 Hangzhou beautiful auctions 〖 travel car auctions 〗
Preview date: 2007-07-24 Sale date: 2007-07-26 Auction place:Xin Anjiang is street edifice of century of new An Luxin 14 buildings Auction firm:Asset of Hangzhou beautiful couplet auctions limited company Auction phone:0571-64783533, 64783552

Auction announcement content:

Suffer those who erect court of heart city people to entrust, to following mark to social vendue, show announcement to be as follows:

One, the thing that auctions mark:

Of car mark: Car of secondhand goods of dump of east wind of Hunan K32730 brand 1, registered in March 2002. Price sends since: 18 thousand yuan, bail 5000 yuan.

2, the auction seeks advice reach sign up: Our company are accepted since the day of announcement seek advice, intended person be in please before the sale reaching inside announcement period, stop, carry effective certificate or prove to sign up to our company, when signing up, need to hand in ginseng take earnest money, in patting person touch buckle clinch a deal paragraph, in was not being patted person return (not plan accrual) .

3, show time: In July 2007 24 - 25 days stop on the spot is revealed.

4, auction time: On July 26, 2007 morning 9 when 30 minutes.

5, sign up, auction place: Xin Anjiang is street edifice of century of new An Luxin 14 buildings (agricultural bank is inclined on) .

Personage of greeting society all circles signs up attend contest to buy, can demand relevant data.

Connection, advisory phone: 0571-64783533, 64783552

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