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"Two handcart " trade have new rule

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In recent years the car expands of consumptive group ceaselessly, provided consumptive basis for new car growth on one hand, also offerred great business chance for two handcart market necessarily on the other hand, and cheap price advantage lets fire of two handcart market indeed. Board of Trade of the rich that occupy Zi is right Lu Zhong, gigantic bright, piece inn 3 main and secondhand the car trades market research shows, 1 to May, trade the quantity amounts to 11062, trade the forehead three hundred and thirty-five million six hundred and eighty-two thousand yuan, mere May, measure and trade the forehead achieved 3207 to mix ninety-nine million eight hundred and seventy-five thousand yuan.

To strengthen Zi rich city two hand wagon flow tell management, the standard is secondhand the car runs an activity, promote two hand wagon flow to understand healthy and orderly development, the branch constitutes basis of city relevant department related the country " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " make with Department of Commerce " two handcart trade standard " etc and the relevant file spirit of city, two handcart of city of combinative Zi rich are current administrative work is real, made " fulfil two handcart of < to shed an administrative measure about carrying out > executive opinion " , help strength two handcart market sails on the way that high speed develops.

Although two handcart market is rapid expand, but the reporter investigates discovery, current, a lot of people are right new car not quite understand, face " there are two identical two handcarts on the world " it is water of a mist more, when buying, do not know how to examine car condition, compare the price can simply only, be sold the home very easily " slaughter one knife softly " . " fulfil two handcart of < to shed an administrative measure about carrying out > executive opinion " come on stage, comprehensive standard two handcart trade behavior, cogent safeguard two handcart to trade bilateral legitimate rights and interests trades with two handcart the order of the market, prevent to hit pilfer to grab with severity, go all out smuggling, illegally outfit, discard as useless the irregularity that waits for car trades, prevent an iniquity effectively.

Department of trade of city of the rich that occupy Zi people concerned personnel introduces, " executive opinion " regulation, two handcart trade the market and distribute enterprise must be had fixed business place and show field; Build trade, service record; According to concerned regulation collection trades service fee, do not be engaged in two handcart intermediary serving. Orgnaization of two handcart broker should according to the country industrial and commercial total bureau " agent government measure " the regulation is established, begin two handcart intermediary to serve; to garrison lawfully seat is secondhand the car trades the market undertakes management, accept the market to manage; just two handcart agent must not undertake activity of two handcart broker with individual name; Orgnaization of two handcart broker does not get what be engaged in two handcart directly to buy, business activity. Two handcart appraisal evaluates an orgnaization to answer hold country Department of Commerce issues " two handcart appraisal evaluates People's Republic of China orgnaization " the legal procedures of certificate and registration book of industrial and commercial branch, two handcart appraisal is evaluated ought to act on the principle with willing buyers and sellers, must not undertake compulsively. Business of two handcart sale wants according to " auction law " and " sale government measure " regulation, trade of classics province classics appoint approve, ; holds water after door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is registered lawfully after business of two handcart sale should ask to undertake affirming to auctioning car according to the regulation, press legal process auction, auction car must with external information of announcement auction car and clinch a deal confirmation photograph is consistent; Enter auction order but did not auction the car that clinch a deal, prohibit opening two handcart to sell unified bill to wait.
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