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The two handcart such as slow-moving Sangdana suffer from 50 thousand the follow

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It is secondhand continuously the market " popular car " very few recently somebody wanted 50 thousand yuan of a few the following car such as Sangdana, Fu Kang. The reporter trades in Hangzhou old motor vehicle recently the discovery when the market is interviewed, what will execute on July 1 this year because of Hangzhou is new discharge a standard, the outlet of large quantities of one two handcart became difficult problem.

Two handcart petty gain is bad however " transfer "

"50 thousand yuan the following basically is Ⅱ of Europe Ⅰ , Europe discharges a standard, the two handcart that buy an Europe Ⅲ always want 779 yuan of above, " trading in Hangzhou old motor vehicle the lady of the Kingdom of Wei that the market cleans out two handcart tells a reporter helplessly, "The driver's license just was taken an examination of come out, want to buy an experienced hand of two handcart practice, money flower became much delimit do not come.

But cheap two handcart discharged a standard with respect to the car that cannot reach Hangzhou later on July 1, che Youcheng sells the issue after me. Che Youcheng sells the issue after me..

Hangzhou car city carries out Cheng of general manager laborious to tell a reporter, current, those who have 40% Europe Ⅲ level was reached in carry out car, all is in carry out car already reached Europe Ⅱ level. This year after July 1, europe Ⅱ discharges a car to there are two only in the outlet of Hangzhou market: Or is gone to by the sale nonlocal car market, or is transformed to what its undertake tail gas discharges a respect, make reach Europe Ⅲ level.

New car also stops to sell under Europe Ⅲ

Face in what old car market made vivacious suggestion bring a person Mr Zhang says to the reporter: "That batch of Laoche of carburettor sell best previously, mulberry resembling general, mulberry 2000, Fu Kang, now is true trouble. " he still tells a reporter, like this kind of Laoche that did not amount to mark the everybody on the market dare not close, close to sell do not drop miserable. The Pu Sang 1996, sell 30 thousand yuan of fund only, but put a many week nobody is bought, if previously, perhaps take in in the morning, buy with respect to somebody afternoon.

It is reported, change one's costume or dress an old car reachs Europe Ⅲ level, want to cost the 1/3 of car price almost, on the price very not be to one's profit. Current, the new car of Europe Ⅲ the following standard, begin to stop to sell gradually, like Fu Kang 8V, Ailishe 8V has stopped to sell.

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