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Fashionable of two handcart city with old change old

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Ms. Zhang has a Jun Wei that fasten a gram, as individual income increase, she wants to trade an advanced and other vehicle all the time, but this love car that should sell oneself, some cannot fall to be determined, it is business course is bothered quite, the 2 Jun Wei cars that are oneself besides pretty good, some are hated to part with, but subsequently with old change old business to let her give up first thought, successful displacement the high level car that oneself like.

● with old change old have demand

What Ms. Zhang her lady drives is the Jun Wei fastening a gram 2003. This year since the beginning of the year, she gains profit in the stock market rich and generous, form gradually as foamy, she took out one part ready money from the stock market, had transferring idea accordingly. Recently, she goes two handcart market looks, discovered the Bie Kejun 2006 is jumped over unexpectedly, this is the car that she takes a fancy to, just buy too high without be willing to part with or use all the time as a result of new car price, ask to just know, this car is in the price of two handcart market is not too high, the price is controlled in 210 thousand yuan, after understanding car Kuang Liang is good, this car became the car that Ms. Zhang should buy.

But subsequently Ms. Zhang realizes, oneself Jun Wei also needs to deal with really, embracing the idea that have a try, she asked two handcart broker the staff of the company, this car can the Jun Yue with new displacement, gotten answer is affirmative, company of broker of this two handcart just was begun with old trade old business, resemble Ms. Zhang the client that such circumstance is them.

Final, the Jun Wei convert into money of Ms. Zhang 98 thousand yuan, gentleman jumps over the price to be 208 thousand yuan, ms. Zhang wants only complemental 110 thousand yuan of price difference can change a Bie Kejun to jump over. Ms. Zhang says: "Did not think of so save trouble, deal with so much formalities with the trouble far from, I leave the following day got on oneself love car. I leave the following day got on oneself love car..

● is changed old increased two handcart profit

The chief of this one new business says open: "Actually this business went to the lavatory not only consumer transfers, also increased profit to broker company likewise. " it is case with the business of Ms. Zhang, 208 thousand yuan Bie Kejun is jumped over, broker company earned 8000 yuan or so, although this profit the average gain under the market, but the Jun Wei that this broker company bought Ms. Zhang with reasonable price again, formed next profit to nod generation, the foundation is current the prices of the market, after Ms. Zhang fastens Kejun power course this to rebuild, the price can sell 110 thousand yuan the left and right sides, that is to say, from Ms. Zhang among this business, the integral profit of broker company achieved 20 thousand yuan or so, the average gain of the market of profit far outclass of this business. And to consumer, with old trade old business begin help consumer dispense with really a lot of troubles.
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