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Is Fuzhou old car evaluated by forestall?

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Does price of old car of the Fuzhou City evaluate existence exclusive forestall? The reporter learns from relevant channel yesterday, this lunar the middle ten days of a month, one mirrors old car of the Fuzhou City to evaluate the data that is collected in exclusive forestall. Already flounder reachs province, city door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Fuzhou City is industrial and commercial bureau fairness trades to grow Wang Lifu to express when accepting a reporter to interview yesterday everywhere, they already received relevant data, launch the phenomenon that reflects to place investigation.

   Han Ding: Evaluate a report to become waste paper

To Han Ding of industry successor Fuzhou two handcart appraisal evaluates limited company patriarch for Chen Xintao, he did not think of a lot of things. On August 23, 2006, trade of classics province classics appoint approval, chinese vessel holds water. This is Fujian Province of afterwards of the Fuzhou City the 2nd major after old car price evaluates limited company is secondhand car appraisal orgnaization.

Yesterday, the reporter saw Chen Xintao in market of violet in relief old car, chen Gao tells a reporter, do not do business, han Ding did the business of 56 sheet nevertheless, go up oneself since a period of ten days of the middle of a month complete " run out of grain " .

Why Where is meeting run out of grain? Chen Xintao says, when Han Dingman conceives a hope to open business, be informed however 3 Fuzhou is current and only old cars trade the market, price of as old as the province already car evaluated limited company to sign an agreement, main content is: 3 old cars trade the market can entrust price of province old car to evaluate limited company to undertake the price is evaluated only; Old car trades the market cannot entrust other orgnaization to evaluate not only, and other the assessment that old car evaluates an orgnaization to issue reports, in old car the market cannot be accepted; The time of the agreement that put add arrives by December 2007.

Below strong appeal of Han Ding, center of province price attestation facilitated to just adjusted this agreement in June each. Of Dan Handing " spring " did not come as before, old car of channel of explain after this trades the market is installed again and again a variety of obstacles and hold back Han Dingjin to enter the market with all sorts of reason. And issueing because of Han Ding evaluate the price to meet with in market of 3 old cars refus, accordingly, the assessment that issues by its reports sheet also became a piece of waste paper accordingly.

   Old car evaluates a company: Chinese vessel business is non-standard

To Han Ding about exclusive forestall censure, save old car price to evaluate limited company to evaluate ministry king manager to express, its company has advanced two handcart appraisal to evaluate software, the time that one year many also spent before this did a large number of trying to find out the real intention to work to repairing a factory each, data also is updated ceaselessly, contrast technical condition content, much car damages department of component, maintenance undertakes an analysis, press the market active steam matchs, maintenance value, give out cost of integrated cost of raw materials, man-hour.
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