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Second-hand car market continued to heat flow of scarce human

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By the hot weather and lower prices of new cars and other factors, in early June, Xi'an second-hand car trading volume began to fall, the entire volume of transactions in June than in May fell more than 5 percent, stocks in the hands of business users more large. As

Reduce the financial pressure, some dealers have cheap car dealers, used-car market in Xi'an into the sales season. 

Reporters from the city of Xi'an Wulong cars, fish of the Village learned second-hand car market, the high temperature weather, the traffic used-car market to patronize a sharp decline in rate of decline in used car transactions, a large number of used cars to be stacked inside


Fish of the Village in Xi'an, second-hand car market, the Chevrolet Aveo, style, Peugeot 307, Nissan Tiida, Hyundai Elantra Beijing, Shanghai Volkswagen POLO, Skoda Octavia, Honda, Guangzhou Auto Fan Feng, Fox,

206, Sagitar, Bora and other neat quasi-new vehicle emissions, but the market customers are few. According to Peng Xian super car broker services manager He Xiao Ning Jieshao, from mid-May, Xi'an has been in hot weather

To the city to see cars Wulong car flow of people falling sharply, the average daily mid-June to the number of stores is only about 10 people. West An Chengcheng used car sales company, Mr. Wei also said that days of high temperature affected the mood of people look at cars,

Estimated future generations traffic will gradually decrease the temperature rise. Even the usually best-selling domestic brand of used car dealers also complain to the second-hand automobile market too few people to look at cars, Chery, Geely, Great Wall, JAC these low prices

Cheap used cars is also very few people come to see.

Flow of people is rare, low volume, showing that after entering in June, Xi'an used car trade into the season.

Used car new car prices lower volume of

Into June, the new car has entered a sales season. To stimulate sales, new car dealers launched a strong offensive, launched by the thousand or million car price, to send thousands of decorating, such as for repair and maintenance priorities spree

Benefits policy. Affected by this, the depreciation rate used car is also increased, resulting in turnover of frustration. Some operators complained that second-hand cars, new cars after the promotional efforts to increase sales of used cars is too great, resulting in second-hand car trading volume sharply


Xi'an Vehicle Administration used car sales data, June Xi'an, used car trading volume declined compared with May 5 as above. Xi'an Administrative Vehicle Administration said Peru Kedu love of months, second-hand car trading volume in June fell, and a new car

Lower the sales price, promotion, have a close relationship intensified. Meanwhile, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce used cars in circulation at the statistics also show that since entering June, Xi'an falling used-car volume, from the goods

License sales point of view, Japanese used car sales essentially flat with last year, while domestic sales of used cars are more significant decline.

Du love that month, new car prices on the used car prices lower will also have a certain impact assessment. Lower prices in the new car, used cars under the low hedge, the transaction price of used cars and new cars is almost the same, people

Buy second-hand car, there will inevitably be a period of time to wait the price will fall, or add another few thousand dollars can buy a new car ideas, so Chibidaigou.

Fish of the Village of Xi'an used car market dealers Yang Tao, told reporters after falling new car prices, used car pricing on them when they are contradictory, will be afraid to sell high, will lower the fear of increased operating costs, a dilemma


Off-season will be more affordable to buy a car

June and July, if the operator fails to timely digest used car inventory, lower prices as new car sales, promotion has intensified, with second-hand cars is also increasing the useful life, depreciation rate will continue to improve


In order to reduce inventory, make an inventory of resources, many used-car business in the off-season has started none other offensive, many operators to exempt used cars used car transfer fees, the prices include license fees, buy second-hand vehicles to take their car insurance, etc.

Way to attract the attention of consumers.

Li Jun Xian or two handcart operators told reporters, according to the current car market situation, they started the company from June to increase the intensity of the used car sales, buy used cars free of transfer fees, license plate free of charge to the owner agent

, Presented to the owners of the remaining original car insurance, but also to the owners to provide one year of free vehicle inspection and maintenance.

Shaanxi, used car sales, another Mr. Wang also said that second-hand car sales in the off-season, they will particularly low under the weight of second-hand car prices to just one month on the card with front wide range of high-Honda, for example, a new car Market

Price of 14.98 million, while the price of their company only 11 million, and includes transfer fees, to pay compulsory insurance, business insurance, license fees.

Industry generally believe that, due to lower new car prices, used car's profit sharing rate is also increasing, and the off-season to buy used cars is a good opportunity, consumers will get more benefits.