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Travel tax policy began to show large displacement dumped goods used car

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Travel tax policy appear --- With the adjustment of vehicle and vessel tax next year, 3.0 liters or more, especially more than 4.0 liters cost of inviting large displacement cars, used car market conditions caused by the recent substantial changes occur, various kinds of actual displacement of the poor used car Different starting to show. ● Cherokee clearance appears Travel tax adjustments, for the large displacement of the low-end SUV, the greatest impact, especially older models, now appears Cherokee 4.0 inline 6-cylinder series was affected, the year after tax adjustment of tax 7,200 yuan Travel , while the head 93-03 years before the car models prices ranging from 15,000 -8 million, for 7,200 yuan relative to the annual travel tax burden, many owners no longer consider such models, dealers generally reflect a serious slow-moving . A cross-country love Who say they would have high fuel consumption of such vehicles, if such a high level of travel tax, equivalent to at least one-tenth of the value of the vehicle, and very worthwhile. The car was also similar to the old section of the Great Wall race Buddha, Hunan Changfeng and Beijing Mitsubishi Pajero SPORT, Shanghai GM and other Buddhist Portland Trail Blazers. The general configuration of these vehicles is also slightly better medium, manager of Beijing Liu Bao Chi, said the company, such as the Cherokee 2500, Portland 2.4 Fortunately some, but Large displacement of the very obvious top, 6 cylinder Cherokee, pioneer 4.3, etc., dealers have to lower prices, sales more difficult, as soon as clearance is no longer engaged in such vehicle transactions. ● there Kuangxiang old Buick The old models before 1999 the overall market volume of transactions now account for less than 4%, but such a long turnaround time for trucks, there is still a certain market, the impact of travel tax adjustment is very large, dealers had to "cut Meat ", the future flow of these vehicles will be less, dealers increased risk. Such representatives are: "The old United States Department of" old section of the G series of Buick, Cadillac Frist Wood, King Chrysler, Dodge Ram and so on, the displacement of more than 3 liters or more, the price is generally less than the 8 million . "Old Ashkenazi," the old BMW 5,7 series, Mercedes-Benz SEL, S series, Audi A8, etc., before 1998 models are more displacement and more than 4.0, the price less than 150,000 yuan. "Old Japanese", Crown, Duke, Lexus LS, Honda mileage, unlimited, Blue Jays, and many more in the years between 1991-2003, the price span, 10,000 -15 million. While some of these car dealers do very little business, but like the collection of individual users with special needs, inventory turnover time is long, but profitable, part of the dealer in small-scale, but this After the revision of the affected vehicles, the price was basically no longer a dealer is willing to accept such models. McCarthy said the company's Manager Zhang Beijing, such as the Mercedes-Benz 560SEL so difficult to convince customers to buy, unless special collectors Other versions, the general version is no longer acquired. ● reduction in the price of car In the relative price increase in the price of cars, though the impact rate is not great, but also led to concerns of consumers, especially between 10 million -20 million for large displacement models. Grand Cherokee models such as the old 4.0 series, Higher share of the Buick GL8-3.0 series, the Buick Regal 3.0, Audi A6, the price 10 million -20 million, travel tax 5000-7000 yuan, for this model is equivalent to 6-12 months old depreciation, tax adjustment to speed up travel Depreciation of these vehicles, the risk increases, the value decreased. ● 30 million or above being little effect on large displacement Higher sales price for the prospective new models, or SUV large displacement current is not affected much, Beijing Jing Zhang Yao manager of associated companies, said the company stocks a large displacement models at present are mainly Mercedes-Benz ML Class SUV , G, BMW X, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover, Hummer H2, etc., more than 50 million sales price in the majority, are also millions of cars such as Mercedes-Benz levels of S, the new BMW 7 Series, Bentley elegant so users do not purchase because of Travel tax to be affected, after all, a relatively high overall value. Current situation analysis, large displacement low priced models will be a further price reduction, the old model because of the increase in travel is accelerated tax depreciation, the sale of vehicles so users should seize the opportunity, the future stability of the vehicle after 5 years Fixed depreciation rate, especially in the low-priced used cars in the high emissions will be a very big impact, significant changes in the value curve.