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"Trade" policy to terminate second-hand car trading cold

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"Trade" policy after the termination of second-hand car market Huaxiang Mr Yip has not looked forward to second-hand car trading warming. "May 31 car trade policy to terminate, the thought that before the trade-in that many users, leading to second-hand car market shrinking trading volume. Can now trade-in is over, but still second-hand car trading indifference. "Mr Yip said. Journalists in Beijing to see the old motor vehicle market, the most recent transfer procedure for the owners of used cars is not much, the used car market, while a more adequate stocks, but trading was extremely cold, and many used car broker half a day rarely has a single business. Transactions In fact, a "car trade policy will be extended to the end of this year, the Commerce Department will also introduce a new policy soon" message is also widely circulated, so that second-hand car dealers into a longer concerns. "With the arrival of hot weather in summer, second-hand car market has entered the usual off-season, despite the trade-in policy on the used car trade some impact, but the market trading has not picked up due to the termination of the policy, it seems that only policy does not really look forward to an extension, the automobile market season and then do something right. "a used car dealer says with exasperation. Director of the old motor vehicle market in Beijing Wang Meng, told reporters before the subsidy standard is too low because no one is interested in the car trade, increase in the allowances after the last show results. In the May 31 prior to the termination policy, trade-in is to enter a peak period, and many cars did not enter the market. This has led to shortage of used car collection car there, a marked decline in trading volume. Commerce Department figures show that car trade adjustment policies this year and raise the subsidy standards achieved very significant results, to achieve the accelerated phase-out high-emission, high pollution "emission vehicles" and the process of old cars, while also driving a new car consumption. "The end of May, a lot of hand holding the owners of old cars go 'TM', and second-hand car market car source affected the stock market and trading volume has decreased significantly. Although it is already entered in June, but not few owners still waiting to see, looking forward to 'trade-in' policy extension. "a market source said , has been delayed, some urban planning policy, the Commerce Department plans to car trade policies are an extension, or launch similar policy, which will undoubtedly slow down to pick up second-hand car transactions. Reporter learned from the market, with the decline in trading volume, used car prices also fell around 10 million cars now, priced at 4,000 yuan a general decline -5000 yuan; priced mini-car prices lower also dropped by 1,000 yuan -2000 yuan.